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This is an intermediate sewing tutorial for a cropped ruffle tube top!  I’m no expert in using a sewing machine but I’m learning 🙂

I was initially inspired by this gorgeous Lucca Couture tube top via THE HONEYBEE:

This is a breezy, light, tube top that’s perfect for lounging around at home or at the beach. I *did* happen to see this exact top on Hautelook for $16, but it was already sold out.

There are also 2 other tube tops by Lucca Couture in different fabrics:

A lace version at Urban Outfitters:

And a printed paisley top at Free People:

You’ll need:

  • a sewing machine
  • 1 yard of fabric (choose something lightweight and with good drape, nothing too crisp)
  • matching thread
  • 1 package of elastic (1/4″ width) (example here bought from Michaels)
  •  pins
  • a small safety pin for threading elastic
  • an iron

First, lay out your fabric:
Fold down the top (this will be your hanging ruffle).  I chose 9″, but you can go as short or long as you’d like.

Then cut your fabric to these dimensions.  The total fabric  length will be 40″ but fold in  half to create the tube top.

Next you’re going to make the casing for the upper elastic:

(the ruffle/overhang will be on top)

Stop sewing at the casing… If you sew over it, you won’t be able to thread the elastic through.

(This is to close up the ruffle so that the hem is hidden underneath)

Now let’s sew down the fold pocket for the elastic:

I ended up using a ~16.5″ of elastic to hold up the top (My chest measurement is 32″).  Before sewing the ends you can pin the 2 ends together and try it on if you’re not sure of the length you need.  Close up the entry point when you’ve finished sewing the elastic.

Now for the bottom:

For the bottom I wanted the elastic a bit looser so I ended up using ~20″.  Again, close up the entry point when the elastic has been sewn together.

At this point you can overcast stitch the top for a finished look, or just leave it raw.  You can even add a lace/ribbon trim too!

So that’s it!  Hopefully that wasn’t too confusing, this was my first involved sewing tutorial. 🙂

Have fun & good luck!

♥ E&I