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My second DIY clutch is complete! This time it’s an upholstery jaquard sample from Pierre Frey. I got it for less than a dollar in a messy bin of remnants at my local charity/thrift shop.

Again this goes to show that you can turn any kind of pretty fabric into a clutch/makeup pouch! I recommend if your fabric is flimsy an iron-on stabilizer will help keep the shape a bit more stiff.

If you remembered my last DIY clutch I still followed the same directions but with a smaller amount of fabric.

I ordered a few vintage metal zippers off of Etsy for this and future projects in a pretty mustard yellow with gold hardware. The zippers were really long but I find having long zippers gives you more options for clutch sizes. Plus, you can’t beat the look of a metal zipper versus plastic zips!

Originally I thought I would sell this but I didn’t realize removing the paper sticker would be so difficult.. I tried my best to remove it but the dyes slightly faded on one corner (as shown in the top left) 😦

I wouldn’t want a customer paying for something that was already defective… so I’m keeping it. Which isn’t so bad I guess. 🙂

(Pardon my gym outfit in this photo!)

I hope you are having a fabulous week… for those of us in the US, labor day weekend is almost here!

♥ E&I