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( Hi everyone! I won’t take credit for the sewing tutorial itself but I just want to show you how you can start off and maybe give you some ideas )

I stopped by my local thrift store yesterday (the same store that I bought the vintage Dior blazer at) and they were having a $1 sale for select merch.

I stumbled upon this oversized 80’s sequined sweater:

I know its summer but I do love my stripes and sequins, and wild colors are in style at the moment! (Almost reminiscent of H&M’s collaboration with Sonia Rykiel?) I thought it was big enough to make a DIY project out of…So I bought it.

Leather and canvas pouches are really trendy right now. Think American Apparel:

(buy here) (similar here)

First I cut the sweater: (at the moment sequins are all over my carpet and desk!)

And I cut it again:

I had an extra navy blue, 10 inch metal zipper on hand a from previous custom order, as well as an old Orla Kiely for napkin (soft, thick, and baby blue!) I was initially thinking about using an old red pillowcase, but I felt blue would look better.

By following this pouch tutorial (and adding additional iron-on interfacing to the back of the sweater), I sewed everything together. Over all the project took around 2 hours.

Its definitely not perfect but I am in LOVE with it 😀


Outrageous colors, no? A little bohemian pop of color and shine. If it were a bit bigger I could use it for an Ipad or netbook case. Or maybe just a makeup travel bag!

Yay! I’m ecstatic with the results! If you know how to sew and you find a really cute vintage piece like this I encourage you to try it.


♥ E&I