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I wanted to liven up the empty wall above my couch with my small collection of art prints… so I headed over to Ikea this month for some frames and mounting materials.



Hanging art is intimidating; you don’t want to add more holes and marks than you need and you want everything level and centered. Not to mention choosing the type of frames you want and what prints to go into them! I researched a bit and found this easy tutorial on how to hang art in groups from Apartment Therapy here.

The general idea is to pick a focal point print and make everything else “step down” from it. I like this arrangement because it has room for growth if I decide to add more prints to the mix.

Here I chose my Ashley G. “Even Superheroes Need a Break” print as the focal point and arranged the rest of my frames on the floor.

After settling on an arrangement I made note of the center of my grouping and I tried my best to line this up with the middle of my couch. I’ve read that artwork should be around 6 to 8 inches above the couch so I used that as a guideline.

1. I am in Love With You From a Distance
2. Even Superheroes Need a Break
3. I Love You Blogs and Tea
4. Give Love
5. Little Spring Garden
6. Laurel

I got this menu from Nana’s Green Tea shop in Japan and I thought it’d be perfect on display. They have so many yummy green tea drinks and desserts and THE most awesome decor ever. ❤

I also updated the couch with a couple silk pillowcases with yellow Ikat print… all the way from Uzbekistan! It came in a gorgeous, simple paper parcel with twine and a wax stamp… It was such a nice touch and I wish more people still did this.

Also, I havn’t had much luck thrifting clothing/accessories lately but I did manage to find 3 adorable mugs for $0.99 each… the printed ones are from the coveted Orla Kiely for Target line! 🙂

♥ E&I