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After I won an Ipad at my work Christmas party I was eager to find a nice case to carry it around in. I remembered reading an old post at Closet Therapy (great blog by the way!) about how much Sheena loved the Dodocase.

I ordered a pre-owned case from Ebay (the $60 price tag plus $10 shipping put me off so I got it for $59 total) and I’m happy to say that I have no regrets. I’m even glad I bought a used case because now I don’t have to be so careful with it.

The case features an inner bamboo casing with 3M plastic/rubber corners. My case is an older version with foam corners rather than 3M materials; my corners are pretty worn out and I went here to replace them (the nice folks at DodoCase send them to you for FREE!) and they are hopefully coming in the mail soon. You can also use it as a stand depending on the surface you rest it on which is great for playing games or watching videos.

Do I think this the best case for the Ipad? I’m not sure since this is my first case, but the aesthetics are more than enough to satisfy me.

Super stylish and resembles a moleskine notebook
Comfortable to hold in your arms and hands on the go
Handmade by book binding artisans in the US (San Francisco)
Comes in various colors, red is default
Ages nicely like an old book (if you like that)

Not an “impact” case (will not protect it if it drops)
Colors other than red are $5 more
The case ages like an old book (if you don’t like that)
Does not stand up on all surfaces
May not hold up as long as other cases can

♥ E&I