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Kanebo Sensai Liquid Foundation (Bergdorf Goodman)

Deeply moisturising foundation with 55% water content. Sheathes the skin in a delicate veil of moisture to provide daylong hydration while imparting a silky, healthy-looking sheen to the surface.

Apply sparingly over make-up base after double moisturising.

I’m huge lurker on makeupalley.com and I love reading reviews for products that I’m curious about.  Before I bought this foundie I was a big fan of Everyday Minerals foundation (A mix of Golden Medium and Fairly Light in the Intensive formulation).

Unfortunately my skin has started to change in the past year;  where I once had oily skin, I now have patches of Sahara Desert!   (The only good thing about this is that I don’t get as much acne as I used to.)  So now,  mineral foundation exacerbates my flakes.  Terribly.   Even when I’m using a heavy duty moisturiser and primer.  At the end of the workday my skin is a tired, dry, flaky MESS, and the mineral foundation just settles into the little dry cracks.

That’s where this little beauty came in.

I filtered my makeupalley review results by searching for the highest-rated liquid foundation.  I’m quite partial Asian skincare, so I went ahead and ordered the lightest, most yellow-toned shade I could find (Soft Beige FF 202).

The bottle is made out of frosted glass, which is quite weighty and nice to hold in your hand when applying.  This bottle has a pump, so germaphobes rejoice!  Half of a single pump can cover my entire ‘workday’ face when I don’t feel like putting too much effort in.  A full pump can be used to create a flawless look, with either your fingers or a foundation brush.   At $50 for 30mL you wouldn’t want it to be more than that.  😛

Although the liquid is quite runny (55% water content), the coverage is excellent because it’s buildable!  If you have problem spots like ruddiness or broken capillaries, a few layers will cover them nicely and naturally.  Luckily for me the color was a pretty good match.  I’m naturally pale and when I get a slight tan in the summer I can just put some bronzing powder on to even it out.

The best part is that the wear is quite hardy and natural (!!!), with just moisturizer and no primer!  And it also minimizes the look of your pores, which is amazing considering the liquid’s thin consistency.   A lot of times I am paranoid about how my foundation looks in the sun, but this makes my skin look nearly flawless, which is a big feat.

I’m happy to say that Kanebo Sansai Fluid Finish is most definitely HG material for me and I’m very glad that I bought it!  (Also, you can get a handfull of samples from ecosmeticworld if you have a $50+ purchase, which is fabulous.)

Stars:  5/5!